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Matsushita finally unveil Q

Officially sanctioned GameCube derivative with DVD function

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Matsushita, the company that developed the Nintendo GameCube's 8cm mini-DVD disc format, has announced that its GameCube derivative console will go under the name of 'Q', and that it will be marketed with the slogan "Play or View". Matsushita's deal with Nintendo means they can manufacture and sell their own version of GameCube, and it has been established that the unit is currently on show at the CEATEC Expo in Japan. The Q logo is a moulded cube, ala the official Nintendo logo, but as shown in the image above, instead of masking a letter 'G', the logo includes a small inverted V shape at the bottom to produce a 'Q'. The Q console has received plenty of attention in the past because it functions exactly as the official Nintendo GameCube, but with the added benefit of a DVD playback option. It is expected to retail for 35,000 yen or thereabouts ($290), whereas the Nintendo GameCube costs about half that.

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