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UEFA Champions make PS2 debut

Another soccer game on its way to the PS2 and PC

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As if there was any shortage of soccer games, Silicon Dreams and Take 2 Interactive are lining up to release the latest in the UEFA Champions League series on PC and PlayStation 2 in the run-up to Christmas. The only officially licensed UEFA game for the 2001/2002 season, it features the league's 32 European clubs with their kit, sponsors and players all present and correct, as well as tournament and player editors that allow you to add your own favourite team into the game and see how they stand up to Europe's finest. The latest UEFA Champions game also marks the return of the historical mode, which allows you to replay classic matches from the last four decades of football. Improved animations, TV-style camera angles and more detailed player models round out the feature list, along with a healthy sprinkling of words such as "unprecedented" and "revolutionary". With the game currently expected out on October 26th, we should know soon whether it lives up to the hype or is destined to get left on the bench... Related Feature - UEFA Champions League 1999/2000 review

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