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LCD for GameCube

InterAct announce PSOne-equivalent peripheral for Ninty's new console

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I want one of these. InterAct, the company responsible for many a GameBoy peripheral including licensed Worm Light derivatives and a future Xbox peripheral manufacturer, has revealed that it intends to deliver pint-sized (well, 5.4-inch) LCD colour displays for GameCube. "The compact design of the GameCube console from Nintendo makes it a perfect candidate for accessories that allow gaming any place, any time", the press release chimes. The company is already responsible for unofficial LCD addons for PSOne, and evidently these were a success - one it hopes to repeat with the new GameCube addon, called Mobile Monitor 5.4. The picture speaks louder than words, but if you're interested in the price; the press release indicates one of $149.99. InterAct is also releasing a rechargeable battery pack for GameCube/Mobile Monitor 5.4 users, costing $49.99. Both could be available as early as November.

Source - press release

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