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Serious Sequel

More details on the imaginatively titled follow-up to Serious Sam

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We've known all along that Serious Sam was to be released in episodic form, and last week Take 2 officially announced that they would be publishing a sequel to the surprise hit, which came out of leftfield to take the hardcore gaming community by storm back in April. Imaginatively subtitled The Second Encounter (oh dear), the sequel is due out this Christmas and will pick up where the First Encounter left off. As well as new monsters, new weapons and a new setting to replace the Egyptian theme of the original, tweaks have been made to the already impressive graphics engine and additional multiplayer features are being promised.

According to the developers at Croteam, the Serious Sam sequel will follow the example of the original by going for a mid-range $19.95 price point in the USA. It is not clear at this stage whether Take 2 will be extorting European fans as they did with the original, which was released as a full price title on this side of the pond, costing more than double the American list price as a result. Hopefully we will get a fair deal this time round...

Source - Croteam

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