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World War III delayed

Events overtake real-time strategy game

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JoWood have confirmed that contrary to earlier reports, their real-time strategy game World War III : Black Gold has been delayed due to the recent terrorist attacks in America. The game, which is now complete and was due for release on October 12th, is based around a war over oil resources in the Middle East involving the USA, Russia and Arab nations, and could be deemed to be in poor taste by the overly sensitive.

Originally JoWood had planned to release the game as scheduled, but now the game will be delayed indefinitely. No future release date has yet been set, although JoWood's David Halse did assure us that "we do not plan to can the project" and that "it would be a great shame to see it left by the wayside". It's a sentiment we would agree with. When we saw the game at ECTS earlier in the month it was looking quite promising, and it would be a shame to see the game vanish into obscurity because of the actions of a handful of extremists. World War III is based on an enhanced version of the Earth 2150 engine and features a wide selection of modern military units to command, with settings ranging from Siberia and Iraq to Azerbaijan and Alaska.

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