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Operation Flashpoint gets dedication

Popular Cold War action game gets dedicated server support and other upgrades

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The latest upgrade patch for Operation Flashpoint has been released today, adding the long-awaited Quake-style dedicated server support. Along with the release of the American version of the game, this should help give Operation Flashpoint's multiplayer support a welcome boost. Also added in this latest patch are a handful of new vehicles including AH-64 and Chinook helicopters, as well as improved force feedback support and a new mission creation wizard for online games.

The 40Mb upgrade can be downloaded from the official Operation Flashpoint website, although this had slowed to a crawl at the time of writing due to demand for the patch. So far the only other site we've found hosting the file is Barrysworld ( download), but no doubt other mirrors will be available later in the day.

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