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GeForce 3 Ultra on Friday?

We're not so convinced

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Yesterday afternoon our pals at The Register wrote about the impending release of the GeForce 3 Ultra this Friday, to be followed on Monday by the GeForce 3 MX. That didn't sound all that likely to us. We trust El Reg' of course, but one thing kept bouncing off the inside our heads; ELSA - usually first out of the stalls with new NVIDIA cards - have just announced their refined Gladiac 920 with overclocked core and memory. Why on earth would they be doing that in the same week that they were planning to release a GeForce 3 Ultra? Nope, it's definitely questionable. Our guess? NVIDIA will announce the GeForce 3 Ultra and perhaps the GeForce 3 MX when we speak to them at ECTS or in the meantime, but we won't see the cards this month, nor perhaps next. We're still waiting to hear back from NVIDIA themselves. It all seems eerily quiet.

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