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Nildram launches MoveDSL

Fed up of Openwoe? Sort it out.

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Buckinghamshire-based Internet Service Provider Nildram has knifed rival ADSL providers in the back, unveiling a service for new customers today called MoveDSL. The idea behind the scheme is that existing ADSL users from rival telcos can join Nildram's USB service when their contract is up with a reduced installation fee (£60 instead of £150) and a subscription fee of £45 per month. This lines up pretty competitively with BT Openworld, the ISP that the public apparently loves to hate. Speaking from experience, Nildram's ADSL package has been almost faultless since the day it was installed here. That's nine months of uptime with very little interruption. Of course, your mileage may vary, but Nildram are a very popular choice for gamers, and if you took the plunge with a rival 12 months ago and fancy something new, MoveDSL could be just the ticket. We phoned BT Openworld to find out whether they had a similar service. Apparently they do not. They refused to comment on whether this was down to a lack of demand, however. Related Feature - ADSL for gamers

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