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Rage losses grow

BritSoft developer announces "a lot of pain"

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Rage Software have announced their results for the twelve months to June 30th, with pre-tax losses growing from £6.7m the previous year to £17m. Sales actually grew from £3.3m to £5.7m though, and the losses were partly down to the acquisition of five small development teams and the closure of another. Rage also bought the license to develop games based on the Rocky movies earlier this year, as well as rights to produce a football game using David Beckham's name in its title, which must have cost them a few quid too.

Managing Director Paul Finnegan admitted that "we have had a lot of pain over the last 18 months", but he was cautiously optimistic about the future, telling the Financial Times that "most of the titles we have coming through are looking really good" [our emphasis]. He was also confident that the company would break even this coming year, with a wide range of titles expected to appear from Rage including three for the Xbox, three on GameBoy Advance, and two each for the PC and PlayStation 2.

Source - / Reuters

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