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Hitchcock gets Final Cut

Another unusual license for Arxel Tribe and Wanadoo

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following on from their work on unusual games such as Casanova and Faust, Arxel Tribe today unveiled their latest creation - "Hitchcock : The Final Cut". Inspired by the works of the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, The Final Cut is an action-adventure game with the emphasis on dialogue and investigation. In it you take on the role of a psychic private eye called Joseph Shamley as he tries to track down a wealthy businessman who disappeared while shooting a movie on his estate. In an interesting twist, if you become stuck Joseph's psychic abilities can generate new leads to help prod you in the right direction.

During the investigation you will explore more than fifty different locations which have been created to mirror Hitchcock's own visual style, from the gorgeous pre-rendered backdrops and artwork to the camera angles and in-game cinematics. There is even fifteen minutes of footage from classic Hitchcock movies such as Pyscho and Shadow Of A Doubt included in the game, along with over half an hour of original cinematic sequences. All told Arxel Tribe expect the game to keep you occupied for some twenty hours.

Whether the game can live up to the rather daunting profile of Hitchcock himself remains to be seen, but with a November 9th release on the cards we should know more soon. In the meantime, UK distributor Virtuoso has sent us a batch of new screenshots from the game to whet your appetite.

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