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The legendary lover comes to a PC near you

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Image credit: Eurogamer

From September 21st French developers Arxel Tribe will be giving you the chance to take on the role of the legendary Venetian adventurer and writer Giacomo Casanova, whose name has become a byword for seduction and philandering. Casanova : Duel of the Black Rose takes you back to 18th century Venice, where you must master both swordplay and seduction as you become drawn into a secret war.

The result appears to be something of a bodice-ripping swashbuckling action-adventure game, with Casanova leaping through windows and swinging on chandeliers (probably) along the way. The game boasts three entirely different styles of fencing to learn, each with its own offensive and defensive moves, as well as a selection of ranged weapons including the crossbow and musket. Meanwhile a special "seduction-based interface" will allow you to charm your way into a lady's heart and/or bed chamber, presumably for plot-furthering reasons rather than simply to get some nookie.

It all sounds a bit bizarre, but with preview code winging its way to us as we speak, we should know soon whether or not Arxel Tribe have managed to pull it off...

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