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Lotus goodies from Virgin

Lotus Challenge website launches with information, artwork and music from the game

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Virgin Interactive have launched the official website for their forthcoming PS2 and Xbox motor racing game Lotus Challenge. As well as the traditional screenshots, game information and downloadable movies, the site also features streaming samples of the soundtrack by Hybrid and a chance to view some of the in-game car models for yourself using a Shockwave plug-in. This allows you to rotate your view around the 3D models, zoom in and out and pan up and down the length of the car to get a closer look at what some of these desireable vehicles will look like in the final game. There is also a downloadable screensaver which will set Lotus cars screaming across your desktop, and a competition to win Hybrid goodies and Firetrap streetwear. Check the Lotus Challenge website for more information.

In related news, the PlayStation 2 version of Lotus Challenge is now due for release in the UK some time in October, while the Xbox version should appear next summer.

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