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GameCube bundles and launch dates

Have a guess at what comes in the box!

Nintendo has confirmed the contents of its early GameCube bundle packs. The GameCube, which goes on sale in Japan on September 14th and will cost $199 in the West, will include a single controller, an AC adapter and audio/video cables. Upholding a long-standing tradition, a Nintendo press spokesperson added that older A/V cables from the Super NES and Nintendo 64 will also be compatible. Famitsu Weekly is also reporting on the various games we can expect to see at launch. Riding out with the console will be Super Monkey Ball from Sega, Wave Race Blue Storm and Luigi's Mansion from Nintendo, followed by Shigeru Miyamoto's Pikmin on October 26th. Super Smash Brothers Melee, Eternal Darkness and Doubutsu Mori+, all from Nintendo, will join them in November and December, completing the line up for 2001. Related Feature - GameCube will ship 500,000 in Japan

Source - Famitsu

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