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Tron returns

New computer game to accompany DVD re-release and forthcoming sequel

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As one of the first movies to extensively use computer graphics, Tron has become something of a classic since it's release in 1982, with a bizarre plot involving a man stranded inside a computer. The effects were incredibly primitive by today's standards but stylish all the same, full of garish wireframe and flat-shaded graphics with live actors working against the digital backdrops. With the 20th anniversary of the movie coming next year a DVD re-release is on the cards, and the movie's director is currently scripting a sequel which will feature a mixture of digital and real actors.

More interesting from our perspective though is the talk of a new Tron computer game from Disney Interactive, apparently aiming for release in 2003 to tie in with the movie sequel. Being developed by Monolith (the brains behind No One Lives Forever) using the latest version of their Lithtech engine, the game will be some kind of first person actioneer and will be released on PC, with an Xbox version also possible. Other details are hazy at this early stage, but no doubt we'll be hearing a lot more about the game next year as it gets further into development. In the meantime, start polishing those light cycles!

Source - The Hollywood Reporter

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