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Gamers "better adjusted"

Another study shows that we're quicker, smarter and more co-ordinated than non-gamers

A new government study funded by the UK's Economic and Social Research Council has shown that youngsters who play computer games "regularly but not excessively" have the concentration and co-ordination of athletes, generally have more friends than other children, and are just plain "better adjusted" than non-gamers. According to report co-author Jason Rutter, game players "seemed able to focus on what they were doing much better than other people and also had better general co-ordination".

"People who play games regularly seem to develop a mental state that we have seen before only in serious athletes or professionals such as astronauts, whose life depends on concentration and co-ordination", project leader Jo Bryce added. "Their minds and bodies work together much better than those of most other people."

So next time your friends and family tell you that you spend too much time playing computer games, just explain to them that you are preparing to join NASA...

Source - Sunday Times