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FFX released

FFXI trailer included

Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 2 has been released in Japan. In time-honoured tradition, popular Tokyo software stores opened as early as 6:30am to let people get their hands on the game, which is part of a 31 million selling series. Square CEO/President Hisashi Suzuki told Reuters that the company had delivered initial shipments of 2.14 million units as of July 17th, and advanced orders of 1.4 to 1.5 million. Which, all in all, is good news for the company. Square's costs have been extraordinary in the last couple of years, with the development of a number of games (from popular titles like Final Fantasy IX to bloopers like The Bouncer), and the simultaneous financing of the full length feature film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. As an added bonus for fans of the series, Final Fantasy X ships with preview footage of Final Fantasy XI, the game that Square executive vice president Hironobu Sakaguchi described as the first multi-platform fully online RPG only a couple of days ago. The trailer can be downloaded separately from Ruliweb, but given that the page is in Japanese, here's a direct link. Beware that most of the world is currently trying to download this trailer. Related Feature - Square aim for multiplatform

Source - Reuters