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PSOV.2 release and pricing

Sega announce plans to charge on a quarterly basis for online play

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Sega has published release and pricing details for the much anticipated Phantasy Star Online Version 2. The new game, which will be more of an extension to the original than a true sequel, is Sega's opportunity to introduce a radical new pricing initiative, and for the designers at Sonic Team to implement various things they were forced to omit the first time around. The game will be released on September 11th in the USA, and will include an online payment structure that will be easily affordable for your average gamer, they say. Gamers can subscribe for three unlimited months of play for $15, or they can just say sod it to that and play offline for free. This payment scheme will not be introduced to the original Phantasy Star Online retroactively. For Sega though, this is a much needed new revenue stream, and will presumably apply to versions of the game on other consoles as well. Related Feature - Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast Review

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