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Speedball gets advanced

Gasp, splutter, cough, choke, froth

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Crawfish Interactive today announced that they have signed an agreement with The Bitmap Brothers to bring their titles to Game Boy Advance. Rather than focusing on modern successes such as Z though, the first few games will come straight out of the archives. Contemporary remakes of Xenon II, Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe, Cadaver, Gods, Magic Pockets and The Chaos Engine are on the cards, and the first confirmed title will be Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe, an advanced adaptation of the Commodore/Amiga version. Made in 1990, Speedball II is still fondly remembered as the game that did future sports correctly. You take control of an up and coming young team desperate to win the Speedball championships and through training and competition you work your way towards that goal. Crawfish's GBA version will be a faithful translation with a few added quirks. The new version will feature multiple teams, players and personalities, additional unspecified gameplay modes and up to four player link up modes. Both companies expressed excitement at the agreement, with Crawfish's Director of Development Mike Merren describing the GBA as "the perfect system to rediscover Speedball II." The perfect system to introduce new people to the wonders of Speedball, too, we reckon.

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