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Mad Dash for Xbox

Crystal Dynamics cast off the shackles of the Gecko

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Troubled British publisher Eidos Interactive has released video footage of its forthcoming Xbox title Mad Dash Racing, developed by Crystal Dynamics and due out later this year. In the words of their magniloquent press release, "Mad Dash Racing combines high-speed combat racing and 3D adventure action with a crew of motley characters for an insane multi-player competition!" You take part in a race for survival against the evil Hex and his malevolent followers, with locations including the seventh layer of hell and the peak of an ice-capped mountain. It's all about being first, with power-ups and such strewn around the course to aid you in your battle to do that. Single and multi player modes will be contended for, with seven races in the single player game and a couple of boss encounters to boot. Sounds gripping. Each of the game's nine wily characters will be enamoured a certain ability; Bash, Dash or Glide. Using these skills and power-ups will probably have more to do with the outcome of the race than sheer driving ability, one would guess. Thanks to the Xbox's Internet features, people will be able to download new characters and tracks, which the press release perplexingly describes as "secret". Also included will be options for customizing the look of your racer and the like. For more on Mad Dash Racing, take a look at our gallery of screenshots taken from recent video footage. Related Feature - Mad Dash Racing Screenshots

Source - press release

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