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id Software's Aliens?

Apparently it could have happened

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With id Software currently working on a brand new Doom title and a GameBoy Advance version of their classic first person shooter also under construction, Doom is very much back in the spotlight again. But according to the game's co-designer John "The Hair" Romero, who created the seminal Knee Deep In The Dead episode that appeared in the shareware version of Doom, things could have turned out very differently.

"We almost did Aliens before doing DOOM", Romero revealed in an interview with fan site Doom Center. "We were offered the license and almost seriously did it. But then we thought about our creative freedom being compromised and decided to do our own thing."

As it turned out gamers got the best of both worlds though. Justin Fisher's classic Aliens TC for Doom remains one of the most memorable (and quite possibly the scariest) third party mod ever made for a first person shooter. But you can't help but wonder how things would have turned out if id had decided to make an Aliens game using the technology that eventually ended up in Doom...

Source - Doom Center

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