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Akaei over-run by Killer Tanks

It's demolition time

Hot on the heels of M : Alien Paranoia and The Grouch, Akaei have announced another new title. Killer Tank is a bizarre sounding arcade-style action game in which you pilot an upgradeable super-tank for a mad Russian scientist as part of his plans for global domination. Well, it makes a refreshing change from your traditional clean-cut do-gooding heroes. Although the game has a full campaign of twenty missions with a wide range of objectives and comic book style cutscenes, the focus is very on blowing stuff up. Akaei are promising us dozens of devestating weapons, with the ability to mar the scenery, run over pedestrians and incinerate passing wildlife.

The graphics aren't exactly cutting edge by the looks of things, but on the bright side this does at least mean that the game should run well on older machines - the minimum requirements are currently set at a Pentium 166 with 32Mb RAM. The game is currently due out in August, and with any luck we should be able to get our hands on preview code in the not-so-distant future.

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