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King of the Advanced

Popular SNK beat 'em up to make its way to Game Boy Advance

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Gaming fanzine The Madman's Café is reporting that SNK's inimitable King of the Fighters series is set for release on Game Boy Advance. News of the announcement apparently made its way onto Japanese wires earlier this week, with development to be headed up by a third party, Marvellous Entertainment (we reckon this is them). SNK will not be involved in development, but have sanctioned the game. At the moment the game is tentatively entitled "King of the Fighters - Game Boy Advance Edition", but we'll be surprised if that doesn't change. The storyline fits snugly in-between the Orochi Chapter and the Nests Chapter, which will be familiar to followers of the series. Akihiko Ureshino, writer of a KoF novel, will pen the scenario, and newsgroups are already overflowing with excitement at the prospect. Character designs and other graphics are expected to be lifted from the popular King of the Fighters '99 Evolution. Over 20 characters will be present, including popular names like Kyo, Iori, Andy, Mai and more. More than one new character is also expected to join them. Very little is known about the game beyond these scant facts, although it is thought that the game is 30% complete or thereabouts and should be released in December. Screenshots are available at The Madman's Café.

Source - Madman's Café

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