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What's Black & Blue & White all over?

EA's quality assurance team by now probably

Black & White's troubled arrival into the world continues, with the official patch still nowhere in sight due to some kind of hold-up in the quality assurance department at publisher Electronic Arts. According to a post on the official Black & White website, this latest delay is "owing to rigorous testing", something which had been notably lacking in the original game. Luckily those of us who aren't squeamish about such things have been able to download an unofficial patch released by developer Lionhead for the last few weeks, and it did indeed fix many of the out-of-the-box bugs and gameplay issues.

The delayed release is beginning to have a knock-on effect though, with Lionhead reporting that most of the downloadable add-ons planned for the game will now have to be held back until the official patch is available. This means that a variety of features which Peter Molyneux had originally promised would be in the game, such as in-game messaging support, villagers playing soccer and creatures dancing to your MP3 files, may not arrive until later in the summer. Keep an eye on the Black & White website for all the latest updates.

Source - Black & White website