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Crazy Taxi goes to the movies

Sega's popular street racing game to be turned into a film

One of the Dreamcast's best-loved games is about to be turned into a movie courtesy of Richard Donner, the director of Superman and the Lethal Weapon movies. We're not entirely sure how well a game which revolves around getting from A to B as fast as possible will translate to the big screen, although our favourite French director Luc Besson had a fair stab at a cab-based action movie a few years back with the imaginatively titled "Taxi".

According to a story in the Hollywood Reporter, Donner is promising to "make the action sequences feel like those in the game" and "to really put the audience in the front or back seat of the taxi". Sega are also reportedly going to be acting as consultants throughout the film's production, and we can no doubt look forward to some kind of game-of-the-movie-of-the-game tie-in.

Of course, it is a proven scientific fact that every game-to-movie conversion ever made has sucked [that's a technical term - Ed], although we have high hopes that Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within will finally break this chain of misery after years of second rate tripe like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and the Mario Brothers Movie. And sucking isn't always a problem - the recently released Tomb Raider movie has been garnering terrible reviews and received almost universally bad word of mouth, and yet it's already picked up a respectable $100m at the US box office. We fear for the future...

Source - The Hollywood Reporter