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Eat me

Hannibal Lecter to star in his own game as players fight to put him behind bars again

Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter is to become the star of his own game, courtesy of Universal Studios and developer Arxel Tribe. The two companies are currently planning a 3D action/adventure game based on the villainous food connoisseur, with releases for the PC and consoles already pencilled in. The player is said to take control of roving FBI agent Clarice Starling, whose work at the Bureau comes under scrutiny when she plays the fatal part in a drugs sting operation. This in turn draws her back to Lecter, who contacts her in light of the events and once again restarts the hunt for his whereabouts. It's based more on the film than the book, since that's the license, but we're still a little confused as to how Arxel will exploit this one. After all, Hannibal isn't really the usual license fodder. Some sort of medium-paced adventure title with action elements sounds most likely, but Product Manager Fabian Dupontroue speaking to FGN Online makes it sound more like a shoot first, then ask questions type of game. "It will be action orientated with investigation elements," he told them. Tomb Raider in Kevlar with locations as varied as a fish market in Central America and Florence, Italy, then. Universal will announce the game officially in the near future.

Source - FGN

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