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Ubi Soft to publish Capcom GBA

Legendary console developer releasing a number of titles at the end of this year

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Ubi Soft and Capcom have signed an exclusive publishing contract concerning seven new Capcom titles for GameBoy Advance. The games, which we'll come to in a moment, will be published by Ubi Soft in East and Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and all will be released in time for Christmas 2001 except for a couple, which won't make it until the first quarter of 2002. The early birds will be Super Street Fighter 2X Revival, Mega Man 1, Breath of Fire 1 and 2 and Final Fight One, while the stragglers will be Mega Man 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3. Reading through that list, your humble correspondent's pulse starts racing. What a wonderful line up. The Street Fighter games, at this point can really be taken or left, but Mega Man is an international treasure, and Final Fight, if done properly, will sell in droves. Of course, the most poignant of all those titles are Breath of Fire 1 and 2. The first sign of decent Super Nintendo RPG conversions on the horizon. At this rate, driving up to spend Christmas with the elders won't be such a chore with a GameBoy Advance in your hands. "We are very pleased to inaugurate a new partnership with a video-game giant like Capcom," said Alain Corre, Managing Director for Europe, Asia Pacific and South America, Ubi Soft Entertainment. Ubi Soft's GameBoy Advance launch title Rayman Advance is currently the fourth most popular. Related Feature - Breath of Fire Advance Preview

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