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BT launch RADSL trials

If you've been turned down for ADSL, keep your eyes peeled for RADSL

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BT have launched a pilot service for a new brand of consumer DSL- (Digital Subscriber Line) based broadband Internet connection, which will allow users previously rejected because of distance problems to hop on the broadbandwagon. Rate Adaptive or RADSL extends the service's reach from the exchange to 5.5km instead of 3.5km. Previously if your local exchange was more than 3.5km away you were automatically rejected. Downloading material over RADSL results in the same performance as doing so via ADSL. The upstream however, could suffer some deterioration. The service will be available to the general public on July 18th via resellers. The package from BT Wholesale is still BT IPStream 500, but exchanges have been upgraded to be RADSL compliant. Ultimately it shouldn't give ISPs too much bother.

Source - The Register

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