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New Mario Kart

But it looks familiar!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

In a surprise release this morning Nintendo has told journos that Mario Kart Advance, due to win the hearts of millions in the tail end of 2001, has been cancelled. However, the game's developer Nintendo has followed up this shocking news with the announcement of Mario Kart Super Circuit, which is, in effect, the same game with a different name. Actually it is the same game, just with a new moniker. We thought that we'd tease you though. Not much else going on this morning to amuse you, after all. Still scheduled for an August 27th release in Japan, Mario Kart Super Circuit will entice a lot of Christmas shoppers into buying a GameBoy Advance when it lands over here and in the States nearer the festive period. Related Feature - The Portable Avant-Garde

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