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You are the weakest link


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Anne Robinson will be bursting on to computer screens across the country in October to ritually humiliate you as Activision unleash their game of the popular TV quiz show The Weakest Link. Although it will be initially available on PC, PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Activision also has the rights to develop the game for Xbox, GameCube and GameBoy, so come next year there may be nowhere to hide from Ms Robinson's scathing verbal assaults.

Of course, we've known much of this since April when the game was first announced, but following it's public unveiling at the recent E3 trade show in Los Angeles, Activision have kindly sent us the first batch of screenshots of the game in action. At the moment the game is only around half finished, but at this early stage the PlayStation and PC versions look remarkably similar. We have yet to see any shots of the PS2 version. Whichever system you end up playing the game on then, the studio has been faithfully recreated in digital form and there will be a range of real-time 3D characters to choose from.

As with the original TV series, questions vary from relatively straightforward to downright obscure. We're not sure if your typical gamer will know how many strings there are on a harp, for example. The answer's 46, in case you were wondering. And no, we didn't know that one either... Goodbye.

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