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There is no God except Barker

Singapore offended by Undying

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Electronic Arts was embarrassed this week after complaints from Muslims in Singapore over its first person shooter Clive Barker's Undying, when a series of pretty squiggles on the walls of a palace belonging to a "Satan-like character" turned out to be Islamic religious texts, including the line "there is no God except Allah". Unsurprisingly the locals were rather offended by this, resulting in some three hundred copies of the game being seized by the authorities. Electronic Arts have reportedly also withdrawn the game from sale in some other Asian territories, according to a story in Singapore's Electric New Paper.

"Apparently, the game's graphic designer did not realise that the Islamic verses he had depicted actually meant something", an EA spokesman explained. "He thought he was just decorating the set with ornaments."


Source - The Electric New Paper (thanks to Fragland for the heads-up)

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