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Championship Manager unveiled

First details about the Season 01/02 update due in October

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Sports Interactive have released the first solid details of what fans of their long-running Championship Manager series can expect from October's big new Season 01/02 update, the last one before a full Championship Manager 4 is released next year. "The world of football never stands still, which is why fans of Championship Manager demand these annual updates", according to chairman Paul Collyer, who is no doubt perfectly happy to oblige their demands given how well each annual season pack sells across Europe.

As usual the Season 01/02 game will include all the latest data, bringing the total number of people included in the game up to more than 100,000 players, managers and coaches from 26 leagues across the world. These players are now covered by the new EU-regulated transfer system that's being introduced, and you can now appeal to governing bodies over match bans on your players. Other additions include an improved data editor, international tournaments for main squads as well as B and under 21 sides, better AI for rival managers, a new scouting system for uncovering new talent, and even the ability to send your players away for surgery if they suffer from recurring injuries. Read the press release for the full list of changes.

Source - press release

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