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Aces go swimming

Amphibious vehicles amongst new features in latest version of online flight sim Aces High

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Massively multiplayer World War II flight combat sim Aces High has been getting periodic updates since its release, adding a host of new features and vehicles over the months. The latest patch brings the game up to v1.07 and adds the game's first amphibious vehicles, the Amtrack and Amtank (not to be confused with American railroad operator Amtrak). Also included are the Japanese Ki-61 and American P-47D planes, along with the Russian IL-2 Sturmovik which is currently getting a lot of attention as the star of its own highly anticipated game. This brings the total number of ground vehicles and planes available in the game to 47, with anti-aircraft batteries and costal defences also being added to the game.

Force feedback support has finally been added to the game as well for those of you who like wrestling with your joystick. If you fancy giving it a try (Aces High that is, not wrestling with your joystick) you can grab the latest version for free from developers HiTech Creations. Online play with up to eight players is also free, but if you want to take advantage of the full massively multiplayer mode it will cost you a not insubstantial $29.95 a month after a two week free trial.

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