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Miyamoto speaks

He's working on a couple of "proper" games to supplement these in-betweeners

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Nintendo's creative genius Shigeru Miyamoto commanded an awestruck press theatre on the last day of ECTS and spoke of "Luigi's Mansion", and where it fits into his personal work on the GameCube. After two days of build up it was refreshing to learn what Shigs actually thinks of Luigi's Mansion himself. It boasts a fixed camera, "so it's almost like 2D", he told the huddled masses. "We thought that between the last Mario game and the next we could squeeze something in with Luigi," he then told them, upsetting a couple of days' build up from NoA boss Peter Main. As always he seemed giddy with anticipation for the new console, and briefly told reporters that he would be back to demonstrate a new Mario game in summer, by which we guess he means SpaceWorld at the end of August. He also mentioned that he would like to show off a new Zelda title at the same time, although only hopefully he was quick to add. Another thing our hero mentioned was the ease of developing for the GameCube - a tune we've heard from a number of developers, and one that apparently means Shigs is overseeing 30 to 40 GameCube titles back home. No wonder they weren't too bothered about how many third parties were on board for E3. Shigeru Miyamoto - the only man in the world still capable of reducing us to a mass of quivering fanboys. Related Feature - Nintendo's announcement

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