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Duke surfaces

3D Realms has been working for the last three years after all

Eagerly anticipated first person shooter Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for at least three years now, but with 3D Realms keeping a tight lid on the hype we've seen very little of the game since it famously switched from the Quake 2 to the Unreal engine. Along with new publisher Take 2 though, 3D Realms are finally showing the first new video footage of the game in action at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles this week, and after a false-start yesterday when CNN posted a very poor quality streaming version of the video, the trailer is now available to download in all its high-resolution glory.

The trailer starts with some footage from the earlier games in the series, before launching into all-new shots of Duke Nukem Forever itself, ranging from in-game dialogue and cutscenes (proving that the game may actually have some form of plot this time round) to a mixture of on-foot and in-vehicle action, as well as (naturally) strippers. Weapons ranging from a cannon to the familiar shrink ray and Duke's mighty boot are in evidence, as are a range of bizarre alien creatures and zombie marines which seem to have escaped from the Black Mesa facility, with some impressively detailed texturing and facial animations on show.

You can download the video in self-running Bink format (we won't insult your intelligence by offering you the Quicktime versions) from any of the following sites -

High quality - 44Mb

download from 3D Gamers

download from Blue's News

download from Fragland (Belgium)

Low quality - 16Mb

download from 3D Gamers

download from Blue's News

download from Fragland (Belgium)

Bear in mind that this could take some time to download - most of the sites which were foolhardy enough to mirror the files are getting pounded at the moment, and connections are generally slow as a result. We'll add more European mirror sites to the list as they pop up. While you're waiting for the trailer to download, you can get a sneak preview by checking out our new gallery of screenshots culled from the high quality version of the video.

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