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Bongfish gets Stoked

Austrian developer releases another free snowboarding game

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Bizarrely named Austrian developer Bongfish has just released its latest game, in the form of a "work in progress" version of Stoked Rider. Like their last effort (FLOW.Game) this one is a snowboarding game created in association with "performance boot and bindings" company Flow, and again sees you guiding a little green alien down a fractally generated mountainside. Stoked Rider features a new improved graphics engine, and this early version comes with some simple tricks to pull off and a single terrain type to navigate.

We've been pottering around in a beta version of this for the last week, and although it's certainly not going to give the likes of SSX anything to worry about, it is an amusing little game which is perfect for burning off a few spare minutes and can prove strangely addictive. Physics are far from realistic, but it's fun and easy to control, and given that it's absolutely free and weighs in at just 3.7Mb, what have you got to lose? You can grab the game from the Stoke Rider website.

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