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Sierra brings some Drama to the Xbox

Announces "stealth shooter action title" for Microsoft's new console

Sierra has announced that its first title for the Xbox is to be Jonny Drama, described by a poor confused PR bod as a "stealth-shooter action title", which we think means something along the lines of Metal Gear Solid. The game promises to bring us the "excitement and intrigue of classic spy movies with hip, retro style to create a refreshingly new gaming experience", and features some rather funky looking cartoon-style graphics which bring back fond memories of Stupid Invaders.

Jonny Drama himself is a movie star turned secret agent, using the now traditional array of bizarre gadgets and vehicles packed with explosive optional extras to track down the evil Dr Bumbershoot (don't snigger at the back there) and prevent him from destroying the world. Multiplayer (Dramamatch?) support is also promised, allowing gamers to go head-to-head with a choice of characters and vehicles to control. With E3 just around the corner now, no doubt there will be more details available soon...

Source - press release