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Jackie Chan comes to the GameBoy

Activision obtains rights to make games based on Jackie Chan Adventure cartoon series

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Activision has announced that it has secured the worldwide rights to develop and publish games for "current and next generation Nintendo platforms" based on the popular kids' cartoon series Jackie Chan Adventures, which is in turn based on the eponymous real life movie star. According to the press release, the cartoon series "highlights Jackie's amazing athleticism, humor and real life super hero qualities". We weren't aware that Jackie could run faster than a speeding bullet or leap over tall buildings in a single bound (or at least not without some aid from the special effects department), but hyperbole aside he is certainly one of the world's best known martial arts actors, alongside the likes of rising star Jet Li and the late Bruce Lee.

"Kids all over the world know Jackie Chan and identify with his high energy style and martial art moves", according to Al Ovadia of Sony Pictures, who make the cartoon. "We're confident that our new partnership with Activision for 'Jackie Chan Adventures' will be a perfect platform for this action-packed, quick-moving property."

Details of the game(s) to be based on the show are few and far between at this stage, but we would guess that Jackie will be appearing on the GameBoy Advance. The cartoon itself features Jackie Chan as an "amateur archaeologist recruited by a secret government agency", and according to Activision president Ron Doornink, the company will be "building on the television series' rich storylines .. to create viscerally thrilling games that will give Jackie's fans a whole new way to experience his elaborate acrobatic feats and comedic antics".

Source - PR Newswire

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