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EA announces GameCube titles

Guess what-- E3 is the venue for the unveiling

Electronic Arts stiffed Sega's Dreamcast, refusing to develop for it, preferring instead to focus on the PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox. In retrospect, it looks as though the company chose wisely. Thankfully, it doesn't intend to make the same decision regarding Nintendo's GameCube, despite a poor showing with the N64. There may be politics at work anyway, after all, Nintendo = GameCube = GameBoy Advance, and that's a gravy train everyone wants to be a part of. EA intends to show off a number of GameCube titles at E3 next week in Los Angeles according to a press release out this morning. The developer/publisher has plans for 10 titles on GameCube in total, including SSX snowboarding, and NBA Street basketball from EA SPORTS BIG amongst others. Madden and FIFA 2002 have also been namedropped. Nintendo's GameCube may be the last of the gaming consoles in the traditional sense, so it's nice to see EA supporting it with a lot of top-rate software. The question is, will we get a Black & White conversion! We'll have more on these titles after E3.

Source - press release