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Activision reports record results

Another nail in the coffin of the "transition year" excuse

Proving once again that all that talk of transitional years was baloney, Activision is the latest publisher to announce sales and profits booming last year. Net revenues during the twelve months to March 31st were up 8.4% to $620m, producing a profit of around $21m compared to a loss of $34m the previous year. Even more impressive, the first three months of 2001 have produced a profit of $875,000 from $127m revenue, compared to a loss of $53m from $104m of revenue in the same period last year.

Activision is justifiably proud to be the fastest growing publisher in their native America, and their share of the US console and hand-held gaming market now puts them on an equal footing with the mighty Sony as the third biggest publisher in the country. And with titles like Tony Hawk's 3, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and a new Spider-Man game due over the next year, things could get even better. Activision's shares are currently at an all-time high, just short of $30 a pop.

Source - PR Newswire