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Max heading for PlayStation 2

Take 2 announce PS2 version of Max Payne

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Max Payne has been in development for longer than we care to remember, but with a mixture of a gritty New York setting, a heart-warming tale of police corruption, and a healthy dose of John Woo style action set-pieces, it might just prove to have been worth the wait. And if everything goes to plan we should know soon, with Take 2 now describing the game as "nearly finished". Meanwhile the publisher has announced that a PlayStation 2 version of the game is currently under development at their Rockstar Games Canada division and due for release some time later this year.

"The line between special effects in movies and videogames is narrowing, [and] the technology behind PlayStation 2 allows us to take action to a level not yet achieved in videogames", according to Rockstar president Sam Houser.

Source - Business Wire

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