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SCE budget £124m for European marketing

And increase incentives to developers/publishers

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Microsoft's announcement a while back that they were to allocate $500m (£347m) to Xbox advertising worldwide gave its critics something to chew on. After all, money can buy you friends in this business. At a conference with developers last week, Sony Computer Entertainment announced its plans to splash out £124m on a European marketing campaign for the next 12 months. The move will obviously inspire more publishers and developers to put their collective muscle behind the console - that's certainly one of the reasons Sony chose the development conference to announce it. SCE also wants to strengthen relations with developers/publishers, introducing new incentives like cheaper development kits and the like. Another thing Sony want to do is get more developers and publishers to produce Platinum versions of their titles, lowering the bar for acceptance into the range from 300,000 units shipped to a lower, as-yet undetermined number.

Source - CTW

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