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Activision "on track"

Seems to be a popular line these days when concerning the Xbox

Activision have moved to dismiss rumours that could possibly associate it with the Financial Times report about Xbox last week. In the report, which we commented on here, the London broadsheet suggested that the Xbox would be delayed in Europe until next year, something which regular readers will already knew. The line was misconstrued however by traders, who thought this could signal a worldwide delay, and plunged top-performing stock in nVidia, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and others associated with the project down several points. Speaking in a press release, Robert Kotick, Co-Chairman and CEO of Activision said that "Activision is eagerly anticipating the upcoming launch of Xbox. We received Xbox development kits in the fall and have a number of teams deep in development on several exciting titles for the platform, including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x". Tony Hawk's is expected to debut at E3 in Los Angeles this May. Related Feature - Xbox "right on track"

Source - press release