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Creatures breed online

Creature Labs release their free online artificial life game

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Creatures is certainly one of the most unusual titles we've come across, focusing on breeding and nurturing a group of cute fuzzy semi-intelligent creatures called Norns, but over the last few years the series has notched up over a million sales. Now the Norns are going online with Creatures Docking Station, a free massively multiplayer game which allows you to discover and interact with other players and their Norns as well as breeding your own. Once you have linked to another player with a warp portal your Norns can explore strange new worlds, with the game's central server keeping track of where they go and what they do.

The game might only just have launched, but it has been undergoing public beta testing for some time now, and there are already over 32,000 Norns loose out there on the internet, ranging from wanderers that have visited hundreds of other players to studs with dozens of offspring scattered around the world. If you fancy trying your hand at Norn breeding, head over to the Docking Station website where you can sign up and download the 20Mb game for free.

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