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Activision secure film license to Spider-Man

No doubt as a result of their stunning games series based on the comic books

It will come as no surprise to anybody who owns the PlayStation or GameBoy versions of "Spider-Man" that Activision have won the rights to produce games based on the forthcoming film. Just the same as it was no surprise to see them producing a PlayStation 2 version of the original titles. According to the press release, the film is slated in for release in May of next year, which gives Activision and presumably Neversoft a good lead time to get cracking on a game. The agreement with Spider-Man Merchandising L.P., a limited partnership between Marvel Enterprises, Inc. and Sony Pictures Consumer Products Inc., gives Activision the right to develop games based on the film franchise on all next-generation gaming platform, including the PC and handhelds, as well as every console under the sun. The film will be directed by Sam Raimi, renowned for success stories like "Xena: Warrior Princess" and er, "TimeCop". That said, he did do "The Evil Dead," so he knows what he's doing. Although no release date for the game of the film of the comic has been touted, we'd guestimate just before the movie's release, or possibly Christmas. Either way the game will rightfully generate enormous revenues, especially if it's as well produced as the comic versions. Related Feature - Spider-Man Review

Spider-Man in action on the PlayStation

Source - press release