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French back Empire with Antz

Publishers unite to promote new Mario Kart-alike "Antz Racing"

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French videogame publisher Light and Shadow Production and UK based computer games developer and publisher Empire Interactive have early this morning announced a co-publishing agreement that will see "Antz Racing" released on Sony Playstation 2, Xbox, Gameboy Advance and PC formats. "Antz Racing" as the title pretty much gives away is a game based on DreamWorks' animated movie spectacular "Antz", which grossed an absurd $179 million at the American box office, and has sold over 10 million copies on VHS and DVD. "Antz Racing" is a Mario Kart-alike that thrusts you into the spindly body of your favourite Ant in a race to Insectopia. You will have to race in everything from Sardine tins to Coke cans, beating off the challenge of Z, Princess Bala, General Mandible, Colonel Cutter, Azteca, and the good-hearted Weaver. The game will take place during all four seasons and in five gaming areas: the Anthill, the Forest Park, the Frozen Pond, the City, and Insectopia. Bonuses will be dotted along the way and the tracks will be strewn with giant obstacles. Hopefully "Antz Racing" will prove to be a bit more than the obvious clone of Nintendo's seminal racing series that it sounds like. Jean-Claude Goulon of LSP commented that the graphics will be "close to the CGI movie experience," so at the least we can expect a festival of eye-candy.

Source - press release

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