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British Strike Suddenly

New British campaign and troops for Sudden Strike add-on

Developed by a Russian company and making its debut as the first game to be distributed in the UK by German publisher CDV, Sudden Strike was a truly European effort. Now the popular World War II strategy game is getting a make-over with a planned May release for Sudden Strike Forever, an expansion pack described by its developers as "version 1.5 rather than simply an add-on pack". Amongst the new features are three new mission for each of the three campaigns in the original game, as well as four new single missions with new settings and seasons, including the game's first desert battles.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature for gamers on this side of the Channel though is the addition of the British army to the game, with a three mission campaign and a selection of unique new British units and troops to command. Add improved multiplayer support with new missions, more gameplay options and the addition of built-in GameSpy support, as well as a mission editor and tweaks to the interface and things are certainly looking promising. Expect the game to start appearing on shelves on Friday 4th May, with a mid-range £20 price tag.

Source - press release