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Oni hits the top

Take 2 trumpet the chart success of the PlayStation 2 version of Oni

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The PlayStation 2 has thus far been rather short on hit games, certainly on this side of the Atlantic, with titles like SSX and Timesplitters dominating the top spaces in the PS2 charts ever since their release last November. Now the third person action-adventure game Oni is apparently joining the rather short list of PlayStation 2 games to reach the top, with publisher Take 2 announcing that the game debuted at the top of the UK charts for the week ending March 10th, having already made it to number two in the PS2 charts on the other side of the Atlantic.

Take 2 CEO Kelly Sumner seemed rather proud of the achievement. "The tremendous success of our Playstation2 titles, first in the United States and now in Europe, has proven Take-Two's ability to develop new titles for the next-generation platforms that have become best sellers on a global scale and has clearly positioned Take-Two as a top-tier global publisher."

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