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Aces fly higher

Another new version of the popular massively multiplayer flight combat sim is released

HiTech Creations sent us word today that they have just released a new version (1.06 if you're counting) of their massively multiplayer World War II flight combat sim Aces High. Amongst the new features added in the patch are new cloud patterns, improved night time lighting effects, and another eight new planes to pilot, taking the total up to a staggering 42. The latest additions to the game's arsenal include obscure rarities such as the Tempest V (a British plane used for chasing down V1 missiles) and the Ar 234B (a jet-propelled German bomber), as well as better known planes such as the American P-51B and two more variations on the classic German FW190 fighter.

"Our goal is to set a new standard in the number and variety of planes and vehicles to be found in any one sim", according to Aces High producer Doug Balmos. "We've added 27 new planes, vehicles, and boats in the past year, and we expect to exceed that in the coming year. Over time this continued development will lead to a greater expansion in the gameplay and also allow just about any historical WWII air battle to be reenacted."

Aces High can be downloaded for free, and doesn't cost anything if you only want to play it offline or with up to eight people at a time. True massively multiplayer air combat is available in the game for a rather hefty $29.95 monthly subscription. To find out more about the game, head over to the HiTech Creations website.

Source - press release

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