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Empire announce Pro Pinball Trilogy

Not one, not two, but three highly acclaimed pinball titles in one package

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Pro Pinball Trilogy is made up of three critically acclaimed pinball titles, and is actually the first pinball game ever to appear on the Dreamcast! Pro Pinballs "Big Race USA", "Fantastic Journey" and "Timeshock!" offer all sorts of unique multi-layered tables, and unlike most pinball games which are a resounding rip-off, actually sounds varied enough to hold even the most die-hard Friday-nighter at bay. We're not sure the incredibly OTT descriptions are called for - perhaps they're aiming for the hyperactive teenager market, but the game does boast high-resolution graphics, what's described as Empire's best ever physics model, and the option to fiddle with the physical parameters of the game, including flipper strength, table slope and other odds and ends. The game should be available for Dreamcast owners from Empire Interactive on the 13th of April, and we've knocked up a few screenshots for you to check out in the mean time... Update - the game is now scheduled for release on the 20th of April! Related Feature - Pro Pinball Trilogy Screenshots

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