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UbiSoft confirms it's GAME on

French publisher finalises deal with The Learning Company to buy their entertainment division

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On Monday we reported that UbiSoft had confirmed rumours that they were in talks with Gores Technology Group to buy the entertainment division of The Learning Company from them. At the time all we had to go on was a very short (one sentence!) press release, but now we have the full details of the deal, which will give UbiSoft publishing rights to well over 80 titles past, present and future, including Myst III : Exile, Earth 2150 : The Moon Project and Pool of Radiance.

UbiSoft expect the influx of games to add €40 million to their sales, commenting that the "investment should pay for itself very quickly". The deal will also improve UbiSoft's distribution system in north America "through the integration of the company based in California, as well as through numerous contracts with first-rate American development studios". In the last few months UbiSoft have bought Red Storm and German publisher Blue Byte, and are now aiming to become one of the top five publishers in the world, with annual revenues of $1.5bn by 2005.

"Last year saw UbiSoft grow significantly in the console sector. The company is now set to advance to become a key player in the ever growing PC sector too", according to UbiSoft's Rob Cooper. "This provides another boost for UbiSoft in all territories, particularly the US, as well as taking us ever closer to being one of the biggest players in this industry."

Source - press release

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